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Physical-chemical treatment and reverse osmosis

LEF Ingenieros has carried out the design, installation and commissioning of a process water supply plant and installation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant for a paint-producing company, belonging to the country’s first industrial group in Guinea Conakri

1) Reverse osmosis to treat groundwater for use in the paint production plant. The treatment consists of:

a) First filtering to eliminate turbidity
b) Second filtration of activated carbon.
c) Reverse osmosis
d) Hypochlorite dosage.



2) Physical – chemical treatment: The objective of the treatment is the reduction of the pollutant load (COD and suspended solids). In this case the plant works in batches, from 1 to 3 daily batches of the treatment consists of:

a) Roughing
b) Stir-homogenization
c) Neutralization and CF
d) Dehydration by filter press





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