Sludge treatment system at a thermosolar plant in South Africa.


LEF Ingenieros has carried out the design, installation and commissioning of a sludge treatment system for a leading consortium of companies in the construction of solar thermal plants.

This sludge treatment system has been installed at ILANGA’s Thermosolar plant (Upinghton SA). With this installation, there are already 4 references for LEF Ingenieros’ solar thermal installations in South Africa

The system consists of:

  • 2 centrifugal feed pumps to the decanters
  • 2 conical decanters with scraper
  • 2 screw pumps to feed the dehydration system.
  • 1 automatic polyelectrolyte preparer and flocculant dosing pumps
  • 1 Dehydration system using centrifugal decanter
  • 1 tank for collecting clarified water

The main functions of the sludge treatment system are:

  • Sludge thickening from the pretreatment system
  • Concentration of this sludge thickened through a centrifugal decanter using a flocculant
  • Clarified water storage.


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