New IWWTP in a leading food company in its sector in a Madrid factory.


LEF Ingenieros has supplied, under the EPC model, installation for wastewater treatment at the Madrid facilities of a leading food company in its sector.

The factory, from the meat sector, is dedicated to the production of sausages and ham, generating two streams of wastewater, one from the cleaning processes of which the LEF facility is responsible for reducing levels of solids, organic matter and another current with conductivity tips that is homogenized and controls conductivities, in order to be able to be poured in compliance with current regulations.

The installed plant, which is fully operational, consists of two differentiated facilities:

  • Line 1: rotary sieve roughing, biological treatment, sludge flotation and tanks for sludge and effluent management.
  • Line 2: Roughing, Homogenization, pH and conductivity control.


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