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LEF INGENIEROS and VERGARA Capital are committed to sustainability by investing in EDARi.

LEF INGENIEROS and VERGARA Capital join together to invest and manage industrial water treatment plants.

Through this union, a resource is offered so that the Company/Industry can release resources destined to the investment and management of water treatment, receiving the service in exchange for a fee, following the following structure:

  • COMPANY/INDUSTRY disinvests from the treatment plant, being able to dedicate the cash inflow to their own investments of their core business.
  • LEF ingenieros (technical capabilities) performs the operation and maintenance of the treatment plant
  • Vergara Capital (financial capabilities) makes the investment to purchase the treatment plant

This solution is valid, not only for the disinvestment of the plants in operation, but also for the investment in new plants or modernization of the existing ones. In this way, Companies/Industries can update their water and waste treatment infrastructures, betting on environmental excellence and sustainable development without having to face the initial investment.

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