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New WWTPi in the Spanish leader food industry in Madrid

LEF Ingenieros has provided wastewater treatment plant under the EPC mode, for a leading food company in Madrid.

The food factory produces meat products such as sausages and ham, generating two wastewater streams: one wastewater stream from the cleaning process, which LEF WWTPi treats and reduces solids and organic matter; and another wastewater stream presenting conductivity peaks, which is managed for its homogenization and conductivity control. Both streams are properly treated in order to comply with the current legislation.

The wastewater treatment plant, which is currently under full operation, consists in two different parts.

  • Line 1: rotative drum screening, biological treatment, sludge flotation and several tanks for sludge and effluents management.
  • Line 2: screening, homogenization, pH and conductivity control.


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