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DeWine: R&D project for wine dealcoholization

Within the OsmoFOOD, which was awarded of an SME Instrument grant from the European Commission, LEF Ingenieros is working in the development of the DeWine technology: an innovative process for wine dealcoholization.

The main singularity of the technology lies in the use of special membranes to remove alcohol under mild conditions, which allows to preserve the original aromatic profile of wine and to perform an eco-efficient process in energy terms. LEF Ingenieros is working on this project together with Professor Joan Llorens Llacuna, from the Chemical Faculty of University of Barcelona and LEITAT Technological Center.

Up to date, several trials have been carried out showing promising results. The processed wine has been analyzed chemical and organoleptically and has fulfilled the expectations. The obtained product contains 33% less alcohol which, which is translated to health benefits for its consumers, without compromising its organoleptic quality. From now on LEF Ingenieros will work on the scale-up and validation of an industrial prototype.




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