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Assistance Operation of a ZLD plant

Since October 2014, LEF provides a service engineer Technical Assistance to Operation and Maintenance twin zero discharge plants located in the Mojave Desert and in whose development, construction and commissioning participated.

During the years 2013, 2014 and early 2015, LEF Engineers developed the contract EP (Engineering and Procurement) of twin water treatment plants zero landfill in the Mojave Desert (California). As part of the agreement, in early 2015 successfully completed the commissioning of both zero discharge plants, entering them in the operation stage.

Today, from commitment and close collaboration with those responsible for operation of the plants, LEF Engineers provides support services to the operation thereof. Technological knowledge and experience gained by the team of engineers LEF during the different phases of engineering, construction and commissioning, allowing contribute to the operation of the plants a Technical Assistance zero discharge quality. This assistance ranges from continuous training of operating personnel, through the advice and assistance in preventive and corrective maintenance to process optimization, consumption and operating costs.

In short, this is to ensure a continuous operation of zero discharge plants, as well as also continued optimization of operating costs.

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